31 January 2012

Hainer Loyalist

Hainer Loyalist moved to Canada at time of Revolutionry War 1776

Loyalist Hainer 2nd generation descendants:
Dorothy HAINER   b. ABT 1788,  She married David PUTMAN on 24 MAY 1807 in Niagara Ontario. David is said to be from  Louth Township, Lincoln County, Ontario

Children of Dorothy HAINER and David PUTNAM are:
1] John Putman b. ABT 1808 or 1813 differs amongst stories & records, . He married Marilla Cohns/Cook

2] Adam Putman  b. ABT 1810,. He married Delila GROUGH
3] Francis Putman  b. ABT 1814, He married Mary Jane MORROW 

4] Henry Putman  b. ABT 1816,. He married Melinda ROBINS 
5]  James Putman  b.n ABT 1819,. He married Mary Jane MYERS
6] William Putman  b. ABT 1822, He married Elizabeth CAUGHILL

7 ]Mary Putman b. ABT 1825, She married Edmund VAUGHAN

8]  Hannah Putman b. ABT 1828,. 1st She married Myron BROOKS  
then she2nd  married George JOHNSON.

9]. Elizabeth Putman  b. ABT 1831, She  married Peter KELLS.
10]. Albert Putman  b. ABT 1812,. He married Mary VAUGHAN.

John Putman
  & Marilla Cohns/Cook
Dora Putman  should her name be Rhoda or Dorothy?

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