19 January 2012

When my research leads me to unexpected places  I don't always believe where it is going do you?  When I have knowledge of the birth & death location of some of the other family members to me it should be a sure sign of where the rest of the family should be located.  Can you always take it as fact?  I can say no.

 My reason for saying No is because my ancestors were on the move.  The fantasy thing of having land and putting down roots was a temporary generational idea.  I have very few ancestors that stayed in any one location for more then 2 generations.  My parents to begin with were both born in other parts of the state. I moved back east.  I have a couple of other siblings that too moved from where we were born. Both sets of my Grandparents as well were born in different locations. How about for you?  What as been your experience of rounding up your folks?  Please do tell.

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