31 January 2012

Name Screw ups In USA

In my search for my Putman ancestors one of the biggest stumbling blocks I encounter is in the name spelling of Putman.  I have distant cousins that accepted the incorrect name spelling and now have their name spelled as Putnam.

There is the common name of the English Putnam.  Which is not Putman.  Putman is as appears to be Dutch/German.  
Putman could have been Vootman etc…  Many different spellings are possible  after they landed in the New World.

Since it seems to me most record keepers in the New World did not concern themselves with family name preservation.  That they only knew their way of understanding names.  No sensitivity training back in those days.  So if your like me your lat name is maybe also the wrong last name.  

When my Canadian French Great Great Grandfather came to Michigan the family name went from Beaudet dit DuCap to just DuCap.  Then a German line with the family name of Jacks became Yax.  

It would be interesting to learn of all the different name misspellings there are in the United States. 

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cindilouhu said...

Well then how do you know if your name is right?

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