18 January 2012

How many of Us Family Historians Have been Fooled by less then Appropriate Back up Records?

Here it is 2012  still getting fooled by those who claimed to do the foot work. When in reality they found the info in a non back up scourced place.  We Love Sources, We Love Back Up Documents, We Love Family Bibles, We Love Journals, We Love Family Oral Tradition, We Love Pictures, We Love everything that can prove that a person WAS  who you say they are in the Right Place in the Right Time.

Hence David Putman.  I have his marriage to Dorothy Hainer listed in Niagara Ontario Book.  I have several Distant relatives that have done great amounts of work to reveal who his parents are.  Since I have been a user of Ancestry.com since 2007 I have been able to learn alot about my ancestors.  With several exceptions one being David Putman.  While on his Marriage recording list him as from Louth, Ontario.  No other info provided.  But on his son Johns census & other records list his father born in New York.

David Putman Dorothy Hainer Canada 1800's

Going along the line of David Putman being the son of Henry Putman & Hannah Anguish it was looking so promising.  Then when I wanted to announce that with undocumented authority of this is his most likely parents.  There again is a hard working cousin doing there part to bring me back to reality.  NO I need a record of to show he is him.   Well speaking of my cousin  what should he have the great luck of uncovering but Henry Putmans Will  oh yes a Will that bears no record of a David Putman born to Henry & Hannah.

You hear the Phrase "Back to the drawing Board"  O yea!  well  an update at some point in time can be forth coming.  Best of Luck In Your research.  Keep Hunting for Those Records!!!

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Ginger Smith said...

Hi DuSyl, thanks for stopping by my blog. This is the first time I've read yours. You have a really nice looking blog and I'm enjoying reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your research woes and joys with us. Keep up the good work.

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