03 April 2012

David Putman

David Putman b. 1783 ???   quandry.

I know with surety that in Ontario after the Revolutionary War  that there were ? families with names of Putman.  None of these families had a son by the name of David.

To me David had to come from somewhere else.  Where from ? and Why did he come to Ontario?

All of these are unknown.  Need records, Need family history of his children

Method to find his parents.

Go through every Putman family that lived in or around NY NJ PA and OH? in the late 1700's. This is where known Putman families lived at the time.

Did any have a son named David?  Was the David born around 1783?

What was the circumstances of the time?

What would cause David to leave his home & hearth & venture to unknown territory?

Was he involved in the war of 1812?  

Has someone  else found about him?

He lived in Wainfleet Ontario

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