01 April 2012

Your Bourbaut/d ancestors Verville, Lacourse, Carigan, & Beauchene

*Bourbaud/t Family
  Verville Ancestor of Mine

Life in France /  Arrival & New Life in Quebec:   

Pierre Paul Elie Bourbaut/d
Three brothers by the names of Pierre, Paul & Elie Bourbaud/t came to Quebec in her infancy days. According to LaForest in his research it shows these brothers arriving at different dates. 
Elie Bourbaut is the father of these men from LaRochelle France. Elie had two wives.  Paul & Elie were from the first marriage to Marguerite Renaut.  Pierre was from Elie’s second marriage with Marie Noyron.
The eldest of the three, Elie, went to New France in appx. 1648.  He went with his, mothers brother, uncle Paul Chalifou.
Elie was wed to Jeanne Sauvaget on 5 Nov 1656, *Jeanne is the daughter of Jean Sauvaget & Anne Dupuys .  At the time of the Marriage in 1656 she was 42 years old.  There were no children born into this union.
Elie partnered with Michael LeMay dit Lepourdrier in a construction business. Then in  1679 Elie was appointed to the office of Procurer-general, a notarty, this was in Tris-Riveres jurisdiction.  He replaced Giles de Boyvinet.  Durin his job as notary he also worked as a carpenter.
Paul Bourbaut was in Nouvell-France for only a short 3 years. 
**Note I have where I find differences of name spelling attached by / as in Bourbaud/t  since I find in Laforest book and the DGFQ spelling variations.

Some return to France

Paul returned to LaRochelle after his 3 year stay working as a master carpenter in Montreal.  He earned 100 livres per year.  By 1657 he is back in France.  He marries Madeleine de Lagrarde on 15 July 1657.  However their life was short together.  Madeleine died in 1664.  Paul married again to Gabrielle Damien.  His second marriage knew 10 years of happiness.  Only that long since Paul died in 1674.  

Pierre Bourbaut & New Life in Quebec

Pierre  born 22 Aug 1648 in LaRochelle France.  Married Ann Besnard in 1676.  Note of some interest is that Ann was 14 years old when they married.
Received inheritance from his mother on her death left him 100 pounds, used the money to purchase land alon the banks of Bacancour. He Died in 1707.  12 children were born to Pierre & wife Ann.
*Jeanne Sauvaget was previously wed to Guillaume Benassis one daughter Madeleine was issue of this marriage.

Name addition

The four sons of Pierre & Ann are listed here with their name additions.

 The 12 children of Pierre Bourbaud & Ann Besnard include:

  1. Jeanne b.1679 m. 1704 to Rene Leblanc dit Labrie, they lived in Becancour
  2. Louis b. 1681 lived only 13 days.
  3. Pierre1 b. 1683 m.1706 to Marie-Anne Sanson, 2nd m. 1713 to Therese Carpentier, 3rd m. 1729 to Marie-Louise Massicotte.  Pierre took on the name addition of dit Lacourse.  He for sometime resided in Montreal later settling into Becancour.  He fathered 21 children amongst his wives. D. 1766
  4. Marguerite-Therese b. 1685 m. 1704  Nicolas Perrault dit Turbol
  5. Marie-Madeleine b. 1686 m. 1704  Pierre Gelinas dit Lacourse they settled in Yamachiche
  6. Genevieve b. 1688 passed away by three months.
  7. Pierre2 b. 1691 m. Marie-Catherine Provencher she was from Becancour.  Pierre took on the name addition  of dit Verville.  There were 7 children born of this union.
  8. Louis b.1693 m. 1717 Marguerite Boissel, 2nd m.1732 Marie-Anne Gagnon, 3rd m.1745 Marie-Charlotte de Rainville.  He is listed as living in  Quebec City in 1716.  He took on the name addition dir Carignan.  He was the father of 7 children with his first wife Margurite Boissel. Again since the DGFQ only go to the year 1730, there could well be other children you will just need to do the further research.
  9. MarieAnne Genevieve b. 1696 m. 1722 Jean Champoux d. 1789 resided in Becancour
  10.  Joseph b.1699 m. 1727 Madeliene Leclerc dit Fleurant , 2nd m. 1732 Marguerite Agathe Bigot. Joseph took on the name addition of dit Beauchene d. 1778
  11. Marie-Joseph b. before 1707  m. 1730 Mathurin LeMay. Lotbinere was their residence.
  12. Marie Charlotte b. 1707, m. 1730 JeanBaptiste, 2nd m. 1747 Charles Langevin.  Boucherville was were they made their home.


As you will note most of the daughters married men with name additions as well.

1. Jeanne b.1679 m. 1704  Rene Leblanc dit Labrie
Issue of marriage
  1. Antoine b. 1705 d. 31 May 1722
  2. Joseph b.1709 d. 15 Dec 1727
  3. Marie Josephe b. 5 Apr 1712
  4. Jean Baptiste b. 8 Apr 1716
  5. Marie Anne b. 7 Apr 1718
  6. Marie Francoise b. 12 Jun 1721
  7. Alexis b. 12 Jun 1724

3. I know above it is said that Pierre Bourbaut/d dit Lacourse had 21 children.  I cannot find the names of all for these said children of Pierre Bourbaud/t dit Lacourse 1 b. 1683 m.1706 to Marie-Anne Sanson/Samson.  However using the Dictonnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec I have found at least 12 children.  They follow.

1st  Pierre Bourbaud/t dit Lacourse  m.1706 to Marie-Anne Sanson/Samson
Issue of marriage
  1. Marie Anne b. 4 Jan 1706
2nd  Pierre Bourbaud/t dit Lacourse  m. 1713 Marie Therese Carpentier
Issue of marriage
  1. Anne Celeste b. 14 Oct 1713
  2. Joseph Rene b. 2 Dec 1714
  3. Francois b. 19 Sept 1716
  4. Pierre Charles b. 17 Apr 1719
  5. Pierre Joseph b.17 Apr 1719
  6. Jean Baptiste b.8 Mar 1721
  7. Charles Ignace b. 7 Jul 1723
  8. Antoine b. 18 Mar 1725
  9. Rene Thomas b. 21 Dec 1726
  10. Marie Josephe b.1 Nov 1728

3rd  Pierre Bourbaud/t dit Lacourse  m. 1729 Marie-Louise Massicotte
A . Child of unknown sex born 2 Sept 1730
*note This book DGFQ only goes 1730 for the rest of the children you will have to do further research.
4. Marguerite-Therese b. 1685 m. 1704  Nicolas Perrault dit Turbol/Turbal
   Issue of marriage
A  Marie Francoise b. 4 Nov 1711
B Marie Elizabeth b. 13 Nov 1712
C Francois Joseph b.17 Mar 1717 d. 26 Nov 1719
D Marie Catherine b. 26 Apr 1719
E. Marie Charlotte b. 27 Oct 1720
F Marie Madeline b. 12 May 1723

5. Marie-Madeleine b. 1686 m. 1704  Pierre Gelinas dit Lacourse
Issue of marriage
A  Joseph b. 12 May 1707
B Marie Francoise b. 28 Apr 1711
C Jacques 14 May 1713
D Michel b. about 19 Apr 1715
E Alexis b. 2 Jun 1717
F Jean Baptiste b. 22 Nov 1719
G Marie Josephe b. 19 Nov 1721

7. Pierre  Bourbaut/t dit Verville  m.19 Jan 1717 at Cap de la Madeliene  Marie-Catherine Provencher.
Issue of marriage
A Marie Joseph b.29 Nov 1717
B Alexis b. 2 Feb 1719  
C.Marie Anne Genevive b. 15 Sept 1720
  1. Pierre b.25 Oct 171723
  2. Marie Francoise b. 20 Aug 1724
  3. Francois b. 26 Mar 1726
  4. Male son born no known name. d. 2 Jan 1729

8.  Louis Bourbaut/d dit Carignan  m. 1717 Marguerite Boissel
Issue of Marriage
  1. Margurite b. 9 Aug 1718
  2. Louis Joseph b. 19 Mar 1723
  3. Louise b. 28 May 1723
  4. Francois b. 19 Aug 1724
  5. Angelique Michelle b. 9 Nov 1725
  6. Marie Anne b. 28 Mar 1727
  7. Anne Josephe b. 27 Apr 1728

9. MarieAnne Genevieve b. 1696 m. 1722 Jean Champoux
Issue of marriage
  1. unnamed son b. d. 12 Aug 1723
  2. Francois b. 10 Nov 1724
  3. Marie b. 17 Apr 1726
  4. Jean Baptiste b. 17 Apr 1727
  5. Joesph b. 1 Nov 1729

10. Joseph Bourbaud/t dit Beauchesne m. 1727 Madeliene Leclerc dit Fleurant, again year of 1730 comes into play of children birth years.  Please if you do find other children please let me know so I can add them in here.
Issue of marriage
  1. Joseph b. 19 Mar 1728
There is most likely additional children please research to find them & let us know

11. Marie-Joseph b. before 1707  m. 1730 Mathurin LeMay
       Since the DGFQ stops at the year 1730 I cannot list their children.  When you do your research and find the children please get back to us with the info.  I would love to add it in for others.
12 Marie Charlotte b. 1707, m. 9 Oct 1730 Jean Baptiste Favreau, 2nd m. 1747 Charles Langevin
     Since the DGFQ stops at the year 1730 I cannot list their children.  When you do your research and find the children please get back to us with the info.  I would love to add it in for others.

Are you too related in the Bourbaut/d lines?  Let us know  by adding in a comment!

*Rene Jette, in the DGFQ, pg. 148  has the name spelled as Bourbeau and not Bourbaud or Bourbaut.  I guess you can take any pick of the 3 and still get it right.
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