10 April 2012

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedwick on "Finding Your Roots"

Great show Kevin surprise Royal connection.  Every one has a story.  A story comes with ever life on the earth.  What is your story?  Do you feel your connection with your ancestors?  Have you worked to find out more about who you are?  What do you know of your past family history?  Do you want to know?

Genealogy has the truth of History attached to it.  No escaping from that.  As we saw with Kyra & Kevin on the slavery issue.  Since I had learned in 2008 that I have New England ancestors I have wondered if there were slave holders.  I hate it so much that I have ancestors who were involved with fighting Native Americans.  My humanitarian side is bothered greatly by that truth.  What have you found in your family history you would like to of not found?  Hitler's genealogist lied to him.  Deleted his Jewish ancestors.  Told him want he wanted to hear.

Doing genealogy in our modern age with the internet helps us find out who are ancestors really are.  Which ever way it leads to us to  discover for ourselves in the privacy of our own homes our own family history as sweet and wonderful as it can get, or as dark & terrible the truth can reveal.

Every one has a story  What is your story, are you still discovering it?

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