25 April 2012

 From the: 

"The Weekly Genealogist
Vol. 15, No. 17
Whole #580
April 25, 2012
Edited by Lynn Betlock, Jean Powers, and Valerie Beaudrault


Name Origins
by Julie Helen Otto
, Staff Genealogist
SIBERIA (f or m): Presumably, from the place name [now a vast portion of the Russian Federation encompassing almost all of Northern Asia]. Siberia A. (Scott) Campbell, daughter of Timothy Scott, d. Lempster, N.H., 2 Aug. 1885, age 68. The 1900 U.S. census enumerated eighteen people (both male and female) with the first name Siberia — from Mr. Siberia Ott (b. 1822 in New York) in Aiken, South Carolina, to Siberia Gonzalez, a baby girl (born 1899 in Texas) in Medina, Texas. "

How many of you have signed up for the the above newsletter?  I hope lots have.

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