29 August 2012

Related to WHO???

Don’t Cry

You just might be related twice like I am to Joan D’Arc.

How could I possible know this?
Ancesrty.com  has a super duper cool feature.  Hint read my post titled: I found another Prime Fun thing on Ancestry.com

So in discovering this link SO Much Thank You to my sister partner in Crime GeGe.  Of couse she found it not me.  I am so Happy Happy she did.
Back to Joan d’Arc I have Canadien French on both sides of my family tree.

Both of these connections are only 4 star but till I prove its incorrect I will enjoy the fun of it.

Tru my Mom’s line Joan d’Arc is my Great Grand Aunt Sharing the 27th Grandparents Isabella Romee De Voutron with her.

Tru my Dads line Joan d’Arc is my 29th give or take one  Great Grand Aunt Sharing the 30th  great Grandparents Isabella Romee De Voutron with her.
Interestingly looking tru these lines as posted on Ancestry.com My parents are cousins from far back as Joan to the mid 1600’s - 1700’s.

In my research from long ago I had felt I had a strong possibility of being related to Joan d’Arc since she is from Angers.  My ancestor from one French line on my moms side was also from Angers.  So today my hypotheses has now become theory.  So Cool

Happy Ancestor Hunting

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Melina Dio said...

Oh wow this is great news. So very exciting to know that you are related to the great Joan d' Arc, a symbol of true honor and bravery; now you know these qualities have been passed down for generations.

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