19 November 2012

Descendants of Mayflower

I so enjoy it when I can help someone discover a bit more about themselves.  Who does not want to know more about themselves?  As in the case of one of my clients that if you keep reading you will certainly find out.

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  Some times a client will bring me only a small amount of their family history.  While others will have 3 complete generations to work with.

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Now my story about being a Mayflower descendant:

 My client, lets call her JanieSue, first gave me her info on her husbands family.  I quickly found his lines out.  Old New Hampshire family lines.  It was quick.  I kept having to ask her about her father & mothers lines.  She had a family trip already planned.  She took her trip and came back with information for her fathers side. 

Myles Standish, Mayflower, Plimouth, Plymouth, Bay Colony, Dow, Snowman, Family Lore, Family History
   I took the information she gave me.  I had one lead after another.  It was great finding out that she is a descendant of the Military Leader on the Mayflower Myles Standish.  
She was so excited to find this out.  I was most happy to have given her the news.

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