09 November 2012

What r ur Brick Wall Strategies?

Breaking down Brick Wall Strategies

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Huge Brick Wall stopping/withholding

Genealogy Research Breaking it down

In working on my brick walls I at times 
I will need to step away from it.

I have a little list of what I do when I do step back into the research.

      Contemplate all  possible angles that the Ancestor could have encountered.  Even the ones that seems the least likely.

2. 1.   List out all of your know facts.  Yes Only The Ones That You have *back up for.
              A]. If your without back up guess what start over at the beginning this time get those back up documents.

3. 2. List out what you do not know about them. Don’t make this complicated. Just simple things such as along with who did they marry.   
                         Where did they die. 
                         Who are their parents.   
                         Where were their religious events held.  
                         Did they attend a church.            
  See it is not hard to do.
    3.  Compare the Facts to what you don’t know.  Time to maybe ponder it out.

      Research a new angle.  Like going after one of the unknown facts.   

    4.  Repeat all steps again.

**back up= reffering documents
                            Did you break down that wall???

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1 comment:

Betty said...

I too have a brick wall. Like ur Martha Gray. I too have been searching the unusal places for information. I have not done all of ut suggestions yet . I 'll try em now.

The 2 other post I must include are. Imagine posted 5/28/12. & Brick Walls discussed one at a time posted on 2/28/12


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