02 November 2012

"Good Intent" Sunk in Lake Erie 1806?

David Putman, Lake Erie Shipwreck, Shipwreck in Lake Erie
Lake Erie Ship Wrecks, Ship Wrecks around the world.  Disclaimer:  I may make some of you Angry, please read all the way through and respect me for my opinion & family lore.  Because of the family lore I cannot accept that All Captains did or why would they go down with their ship?

Lose of a Loved one is never happy. I am most sincerely sorry for those affected by such tragic happenings.

sinking ship, Lake Erie,  Black Rock New York

I know we all hear of the stories of a ship wreck/sinking and the Captain going down with the Ship!

I say No Way!!! Not all of these Captains went down with their Vessel.

How can I say this???

In my Family History there is the Family Lore that such a thing occurred.  That I have a Male Ancestor that was Captain of a Lake Erie vessel.  That it sank.  He however did not go down with his ship.  Instead he and the crew went in the Life Boat.  They made their way to foreign shore.  

Ship wreck mystery
My ancestor never returned to his parents family.  The family always believed him dead. That he was sunk with his vessel.  I know nothing of his crew.  Was he really a crew member and not the Captain.  Since being a captain makes for better Family Lore.

 My ancestor made a new life for himself. 

 He married had children.  Died in his new adopted home.

David Putman buired in Ontario with wife Dorothy Hainer, Ontario burial

So when men come out of nowhere in your family history.  You might want to start looking for Ship Wrecks and if they were crew or Captain of a ship.

David Putman buired in Ontario with wife Dorothy Hainer, Ontario burial

New way to search out a Male Ancestor.  I say Good Luck on finding such info though. Cause not only can I not find crew list I can barely find out anything on the ship wreck.  Its widely reported where it went down but who was on these vessels???

There are legal obligations to the Captain.  So if he is reported lost with his crew that eliminates his  Legal Obligation. 

 Hence in my family lore, it states that his father who was alive at the time was security for the Lake going ship.  I have been searching out  newspapers stating that a man was ruined since he was security to the Sinking Ship.  Nothing yet 

Am I just banging my head for nothing I will not know till I turn over every stone.

From Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_goes_down_with_the_ship about *Ship Captain going down with his Vessel:


The concept is closely related to another protocol from the nineteenth century, "women and children first." Both reflect the Victorian ideal of chivalry in which the upper classes were expected to emulate a morality tied to sacred honor, service, and respect for the disadvantaged. The actions of the captain and men during the sinking of HMS Birkenhead in 1852 prompted praise from many due to the sacrifice of the men who saved the women and children by evacuating them first. Rudyard Kipling's poem "Soldier an' Sailor Too" and Samuel Smiles' Self-Help both highlighted the valour of the men who stood at attention and played in the band as their ship was sinking.

In practice

The idiom literally means that a captain will be the last person to leave a ship alive prior to its sinking or utter destruction, and if unable to evacuate his crew and passengers, the captain will not evacuate himself. It is therefore related to the idiom, "the last one off is a rotten egg," which is the opposite sentiment. In maritime law the responsibility of the ship's master for his ship is paramount no matter what its condition, so abandoning a ship has legal consequences, including the nature of salvage rights. So even if a captain abandons his ship in distress, he is generally responsible for it in his absence and would be compelled to return to the ship when danger to the vessel has relented. If a naval captain evacuates a vessel in wartime, it may be considered a capital offense like desertion, mutiny, or sedition unless he subsequently destroys the ship or permits it to sink.

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