25 November 2012

New Brick Wall: Payne

In my search for Alice's parents I have not found them.  How can she be born without them?   We all know that the only way into our world is by live birth.  So she has to have a mother & father.  Where to find them?

Known facts:

Payne, Wauker,Gloustreshire England, New England 
Robert Ricart's map of Bristol, drawn when he
became the common clerk of the town in 1478.
His drawing was the first such plan of an English town.
  Alice was born in Bristol Somerset England in 1559

  She married William Wauker 
on 20 Jan 1576

  Alice Died 1582 in Bristol England
 [note the county is split between Somersey & Gloustershire]

Can you help with any leads?

Image from wikipedia 

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