16 November 2012

Family Ties That Bind Us

Think on those words.  The ties that bind us.

Of course they are not visible these ties.
Some of my experiences with these family ties have been happy sad & exhausting.  I have always know no matter where I was in life that there are those bound to me.  By family ties & blood.

Than I think of the Chinese girls who would have their feet bound when they were quite young.  So they could never really walk on their own.  We in the western culture that can be most disturbing.

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Can you look at it like this?  That with bound feet this girl from now on must rely upon someone else to do some very basis things for her.  Before she had this done she most likely did not need to much help.  Now with her feet bound so to is her family much more bound to her?

The co-dependance in family is strongly illustrated in the Chinese feet binding tradition.  To be tied to our families is a very good thing.   

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When you join with your family & friends this Thanksgiving think about how you are bound to them.  Think of your ties to them.  Then maybe see how you can strengthen them and encourage better family relation. 

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