08 November 2012

Kilts Family in Canada from Herikermer County, NY

In working on my Marilla Cohns/Cook line I have acquiesced to that her last name was Cook not Cohn.  So I will follow to see if this will bring me True results I am in the gathering stage of this line of my research.

Using Family Search.org & Ancestry.com so far I have been able to find Marilla's mother Catherine Kilts, her siblings & parents listed with documentation in Family Search.  Having the correct dates was paramount to this success.

Now I have her father George Kilts & Mother Mary Catherine Carter/Garter

Children as follows:

                                Catherine          b. 1801
                                Elizabeth           b. 1802
                                 Peter                 b. 1803
                                 Susan                b. 1805
                                Betsy                 b. 1806
                               Nicholas             b. 1807
                                  Sarah Ann       b. 1809
                                  Miarah             b. 1811
                                 Nancy               b. 1813
                                 George              b. 1819

In Family Search I also found marriages & death dates for some of them.  Then I went on over to Ancestry.com made a new tree to cluster.  Entered In George Sr. first then his wife Mary Catherine Carter [I believe it's Carter not Garter].  Then with the leaf  popup
 I saw a tree that listed most of the children.  I used that to quickly add in the childrens names & dates.  After I then entered in the other know facts of the missing children.  10 children which includes Mariah that lived about 1 year.

There are so many ways to quickly add in your tree.  But please check the sources to avoid time consuming editing.  When I use Ancestry to add to my trees I check the tree out first.  I look at all the sources.  I want to be certain that I can back up what I am using.  I will never stop saying verify, verify.

Next I will scour through the message boards.  To glean what other info is out there on the Kilts Family.  I will also check on Google to see if there are other trees.  To look for the descendants of the Kilts.


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