29 November 2012

"Story Of England"


Michael Wood "Story of England" , Kibworth, Central England, history
I really hope your able to enjoy and learn from watching Michael Wood’s “Story Of England on PBS video.

It so awesome how they have done this project. 

It centers on the Village of Kibworth in Central England.
Kibworth, Central England, history, England

Michael Wood "Story of England" , Kibworth, Central England, historyDigging small archeological dig pits
 looking carefully for what was
 left behind from the past.

Using ancient documents to support what knowledge has been passed down.

It is so incredible what they piece together.  I am really enjoying all the effort put into this exploration of England.

I am fascinated of how the Ancient England periods of time always came back as if it was some brand new idea.

England & hole of Europe has been a land of incredible pressure.     Revolution, Famine, Black Plaque etc..

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