29 February 2012

29 February 1704 Where your Ancestors involved in Queen Anne's War?

Deerfield, MA Lost 50 Colonist on this day. 

The Raid on Deerfield (or the Deerfield Massacre[8]) occurred during Queen Anne's War on February 29, 1704, whenFrench and Native American forces under the command of Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville attacked the Englishsettlement at Deerfield, Massachusetts, just before dawn, burning part of the town and killing 56 villagers.
French organizers of the raid drew on a variety of Indian populations, including in the force of about 300 a number ofPocumtucs who had once lived in the Deerfield area. The diversity of personnel involved in the raid meant that it did not achieve full surprise when they entered the palisaded village. The defenders of some fortified houses in the village successfully held off the raiders until arriving reinforcements prompted their retreat. More than 100 captives were taken, and about 40 percent of the village houses were destroyed.

Deerfield, MASS, Massachusetts, Queen Anne's War, 1704, Deerfield Massacre

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