28 February 2012

Brick Walls Discussed 1 at a time: Martha Gray

Martha Gray

  Know facts  She was adopted by the Gray Family.  No legal adoption records.  No knowledge of her birth place is known.

  In the 1870 U.S. Census living with Wesley & Maria Gray in Garden MI  her age is listed as 9

making her birth year appx. 1860-62

In 1880 she is married to Daniel Kelly with one daughter.

In  1900 still married to Daniel Kelly  two children same daughter & one son.

On 18 Dec 1907 Martha dies of Cervical Cancer  have death cert.  Seeking Mich.

Have been wondering since there is a story with out know facts. That Isabella Gray brought her to Garden MI.  It is said she is a graddaughter.  No known child of Grays or other surrounding family shows a birth for a daughter.

Is it possible that the orphan train was her origin???

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