25 February 2012

How one family can have so many brick walls?

Brick walls these are mine.  Who are yours?

Beaudet, Caryl, Chaddock, Gray, Kelly, Hadock,  Paddock, Putman, Rhodes, Rjicke, Russell, Spiegel

Mine are  Jonathon Cooke, last know place to live, Ontario Canada

David Putman  Last know place to live  Welland Ontario Canada

Martha Gray, adopted by the Gray family in Garden, MI  thats in the U.P.

Daniel Kelly last know place to live Garden, MI

Idonia Rijcke  last know living place Essexville, MI

Louise De Spiegiel last know living place Essexville, MI

Sebastine Beaudet last know Living place in France

Hannah Paddock  last know living place, Lapeer MI

Joel Caryl  Last know living place Vermont

Sarah Russell, Rhodes  last know living place Vermont.

Lydia Chaddock  last know living place in Vermont

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