02 February 2012

Genealogy for Everyone !!!

Family History is for everyone.  Now some of us like myself take it to an obession level.  Which is both positive and negative.   Of course we all like to focus on the positive side of the genealogy coin.

I have been into Family History for over 25 years.  It was not a daily event until a few years ago. A few years ago is when I discovered all the beauty that Ancestry.com had to offer.  Plus a few months before I had had my family history restored to computer format.  Like so many of us experiencing computer crashes.  * POOF *  goes the genealogy.  I was most fortunate that a dear friend of mine was willing to reenter what I had on paper.  She then followed one Line which I scarsely knew about back into England during the Dark Ages.   Wow  I was most defiently on the hunt then.  What an endorphine releaser.

I believe everyone has a story.   This week on "Who Do You Think You Are"  will have Martin Sheen on the program.  In which he says something to the effect about his family history being like something from a book.   Well all of lifes stories do belong in a book.  We each have our own personal story to tell.

We all have so make diffrent ancestors [refer to my December post on how many ancestors took to make you] to find out about which gives us our own personal journey.  A journey of where our Ancestors original came from, how many generations stayed in one location, where they moved to, how often they moved, did they leave their names listed in Goverment documents, All way to where you were born.  Personally I have never felt connection to my home town.  Not sure if its because both of my parents were born in different parts of the state.  Or what it was.  I have grandparents buried in the local cemetery.  But no Great Granparents.  To me I have always wondered what it was to live in a town where you know your ancestors have been there for more then 4 generations?

I have no such experience.  My ancestors as it seems where always of  to a new frontier.  How long did the forefathers in the Old World long to expand their space.  They have certainly fulfilled that in the wide open space of the New World.  My French & Native American lines to me were the most root growing families.  However my northern european/ netherlands & Basque ancestors had expansion and adventure in their blood.

To just know that in many Asian cultures knowing who their ancestors are is of most importance.  They have a wonderful system of not forgetting who they are or where they came from.  I know wars have changed much of it for some.

Then their are other cultures on the other end of the spectrum where they are forgotten once dead.  Where do you see your self fitting in there?  Since I am not Asian or of other Ancestoral worshipping cultures I have been fortunate to have a natural curisoity  into who I am and who are all these folks that brought me into this world.

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