21 February 2012

David Putman back in my Sights

Oh where are you from dear David Putman?   New York?  Canada?    What about Michigan?  Or maybe from Pennsylvania? 

I am going to find you.   Last place I left you was in a book.  Where they claim you did something Naughty & Not Nice.

But now I have just read about that your Vessel sank near Crystal Beach on your way to Black Rock.  You made it to safe land with getting out of the ship wreck via life boat.  Making your way up Chippewa Creek.

I now read how you never let your parents or siblings know you were alive and living in Ontario on the Niagara Pennisula.  Should we be upset with you.  Why of course not since If you did not go up that creek and make your way to a new life I would not be here.
Thank you

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