21 February 2012

English naming of Children

An English tradition for naming offspring.

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1st son would be named in the patriarchal line. 

* So 1st son is then named after his paternal grandfather.  Dads dad.

2nd son named after maternal line. 2nd son named after his maternal grandfather.  Moms dad.

3rd son will be named after after his own Daddy.

*4th son will bear the name of dads eldest brother.  This one must be most confusing since all the younger brothers who have a fourth son.  Will have a son of the same name.  Could lead to 5 boys of the same generation all with the same name. In the same generation.  Is it a wonder then a family of 5 sons  -- then all 5 sons have large families.  So they all name their 5th son the same name.  This is the Paternal line.  So for example there could be 5 cousins with the name of Thomas Moorehouse.

So the naming of the daughters follow pretty much the same way.

1st daughter is after the paternal grandmother.  Dads mom.

2nd daughter will be given the name of her Moms Mom.

3rd daughter will bear the name of her own Mommy.

4th daughter will be given her moms oldest sisters name.

You know this is only a guide.  It might help you to distinguish between folks when searching out a difficult family tree. No one can guarantee that all English families subscribed to this method.  It is only a guide.

When my husband & I named our children.
It went like this:
1st son after my **husbands favorite brother.
2nd son after my husband but not as a Junior.  But with what the *German call a saints name.

Our 1st daughter after paternal mother middle name
& Our 2nd daughter named after my moms middle name.

It was just how it happened nothing planned. Was never planned.

My eldest brother and his wife gave all of their children 3 names.  I really like that they did that.  All their names have a family name mixed in. It’s nice.

It great to see & hear how my nieces and nephews have named their children.

My one niece has 4 lovely children all named with first letter of “J”. Some great strong scriptural names there. 

I can see how its like the names are so new but really they are so old.

*more on this later
** I refused to have a Junior. I always remember Mickey Rooney saying ever child needs their own name not their fathers name.

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