05 February 2012

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New Update 18 February 2012
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Putman Descendants of John Putman & Marilla Cohns/Cook***
 John Putman and his wife Marilla had several children.  I have been working on piecing them together.  I am descended from  their son William Putman who married Anna Minerva Caryl.
I would love to find out more on the family and the current descendants.  If you too are descended from John & Marilla please do let me know.  Lets talk!!! 

For A few years I have tried to find out where all of John & Marilla Putmans children went to.  For the most part there has been nothing for the daughters.  Now that Family Search.org has put up Michigan Marriages I have now been able to at least find marriages for 4 of the 5 daughters.

    1st born: Jonathan Putman b.1837 married Sarah Bower   
        Children of marriage:
 a] George A. Delbert Putman b. 1860

(1st) m. Ella Richards 
                     George & Ella children:
                                   1. Flossie Putman
                                   2. Orin Putman
(2nd) m. Ada Dutton   
                    George & Ada  children:
                                  1. Cora B. Putman
                                  2. Vance E. Putman
                                  3. Leo A. Putman

(3rd) m. Harriet Josephine Wallington
                      George & Josephine  children:
                                  1, Harvey E. Putman
                                  2, Newton A.  Putman
                                  3, Donald E. Putman
    b] William Byron Putman b.1863 m. Mary
                 William & Mary children:
                                 1. Wesley W. Putman
   C] Arthur Putman
2nd born: David Putman b.1840 married Elizabeth J. Mattson
     Children of marriage:  a]  Marilla Frank Putman b.1858 m. Peter Cline Smith
                       Children of Marilla Frank & Peter Smith:
                          1, Gertrude M. Smith
                          2, Myra  Smith
                          3, Delbert Smith
           4, Margaretta Smith
           5, William Smith
           6, Mary Smith
           7, Jennie L Smith
  3rd born: Martha Jane Putman b.1846 1st married Augustus King in Metamora, MI
     Child of marriage: a] Augustus King m. Jennie
   Martha Jane Putman 2nd married Henry Thomas
     Children of marriage: b] Arthur Thomas
                           c]  Marshal  Edgar  Thomas             
                           dParshal  Nelby/Welby? Thomas
                           e]   Timothy Walter Thomas         

4th born:  Rhoda  Putman b.  married Franklin McGarvey  in St. Johns, MI

    Adopted son Frederick Sharp born in Flint        

5th born:  Sarah  Putman b.   married  William Alexander Robison
                         Children of Marriage: a] Alfred A. Robison m. Minnie
                                                                  Children of Alfred & Minnie Robison
                                                                          1] Coyle Robison
                                                                           2] Cecil Robison
                                                                           3] Crystal Robison
                                                     Another child listed with them is a Terese Barnes???
                                                                 b] Maud Robison
                                                           c] Margaret Robison m.1st Harry Woodcock

                                                                   Child of Margaret & Harry Woodcock
                                                                           1] Ruby
                                                               Margaret Robison m.2nd L.S. Dart
                                                            d] Rose Robison m. Aud Mercer
                                                                     Child of Rose & Aud Mercer
                                                                         1] Elva m. Mr. Cook

                                                             e] Edith Robison

                                                              f] Cora Robison


6th born: *William Putman b.1853  married Anna Minerva Caryl
   Children of marriage:
             a] Emma Putman m. Joseph Alexander Good
             b] George Byron Putman ** contact me regarding his wives**
            Know issue of m. to Hattie Fields: Herbert Putman
Know issue of m. to Katherine Kelly: Martha Etta Putman

    c]  Jess Newton Putman b. 1885 m. Mary Cavanaugh
         Children of Jess & Mary
             1, Gertrude O. Putman
 2, Helen I. Putman
3, Franklin Putman
4, Alton Putman

    d] Guy Caryl Putman b. 1887 m. Mary Agnes Willette
            Children of Guy & Mar yPutman
      1, William C. Putman
     2,  Kenneth A. Putman
    e] Ida Marilla Putman b. 1892 m. Frank Finkle

7th  born : Maria  Putman b.1855   married Elias Robison

8th born:  Alfretta Putman  b. 1856  I have no other information on Alfretta

If you need to add or have a correction for me please let me know tru the Comment at the bottom of this post or contact me tru Ancestry.com  Shakindatree  message service

*William Putman my 2nd G. grandfather
** George Putman wives:  If you have questions please write to me here using the Commetl link.
***Mark Putnam of PutmanFamily Bullientin  said Marilla s last name maybe Cook instead of Cohns

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