16 February 2012

Detroit River Region

History and Knowledge of Detroit River Region & the People who settled it.

Detroit River Region Yax, Jacks, Meloche, Tessier, Port, Immagration, Family

Detroit was established as a fort from an idea of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac .   In 1697 the French court began closes all but 4  Post/Forts.  Which were  St. Joseph of Miami,  Frontenac,  St. Louis of Illinois, & de Buade.   They closed the rest due to economic failures etc…

However Commandant  Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac did not see closing the forts as a good move.  He went to France  more then once to have a new fort built.  He did not want the English to be able to expand west.  Cadillac had a plan for his post.  Some would say he was a dreamer.  His plan was to convince the aborigines to settle out side his fort.  Cadillac saw the Detroit River area as a natural  defended area with it high banks and narrowest section of the river.   Some said it could not be done with the tension amongst the tribes. 

Detroit River Region Fort Pontchartrain, Meloche

 In 1700 King Louis said yes to Cadillac’s plan.  Fort Ponchartrain du Detroit  was then born in 1701. Fort Ponchartrain being named after King Louis' Minister of Marine Louis de Ponchartrain /or his son Jerome.  Veteran's Memorial Building covers the area where the first footsteps of Cadillac and his men landed.

In which every version you believe the first building constructed was either the Fort or the Church Ste. Anne de Detroit.  My bet is on the fort. Sice we all need shelter first. 

So thus began the Detroit River Region.

France was giving away land in order to entice French families to the region.  In 1708 there was a Conveyance Plan made.  If you look on the History Detroit website you can see a picture of the Conveyance.

It is shown over present day streets.  If you go to the Web site History 1701 2001 Detroit this map is also available in an interactive.  You can click on a spot it will say who had the land first.  Maybe it will be one of your Direct French Ancestors.
The Burton Library, located in Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Ave.,Detroit, MI 48202 (313) 481-1401. This is a superior collection of all Detroit French past.  If you are in the area I suggest a visit to the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Library.  Your French Ancestors may have come through the region.    

Detroit River Region Meloche

Do you have an ancestor who made their way to Fort Ponchatrain and received land?  I have several.  Plus if you read my entry on Jacks then you know too that the first German family here was the Jacks/Yax.

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