18 February 2012

Where do you Hail from?

Have you ever been asked where did your Ancestors come from?  
Sometimes the only time people may think of it is on the long Census questioner form.  I am not sure if they even had a long form in 2010 federal census.

This of course can cause great thinking for some folks.  
 My dad would sit at the dinner table going over and over where our ancestors were from.  
His list was so much shorter then what I have come to learn over the past few years.

My Dads list was:

Canadian French
Native American
 [he did not have the correct tribe at all]

My list for my fathers side is:
Canadian French

My dad was close to 50% correct.  He was just missing all about his mom's side.
  Through my research I now know more then what I was told as a child

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