06 March 2012

Beauty of Ancestry.com

Reasons for Joining  Ancestry.com
·        Genealogy
·        A great place to keep your Family Tree neat & Tidy
·        Place to discover so much more on your Family Tree

Ways to use Ancestry.com
·        Family Trees
·        Where you start & store your Family Trees
  A]  Unlimited for Family Trees 4 u & those your researching
* Upload GEDCOM files
·        Search
·        Search All Records
·        Census & Voters Lists
·        Birth, Marriage & Death
·        Public Member Trees
·        Military
·        Immigration & Travel
·        Card Catalog – Now you do not have to travel to distant libraries to find a book
A]  Search & Find Historical Non-Fiction Books ie… Biographies, Town Histories, Gazettes & etc…
B] Search & Find Book Published Family History & Trees ie…

·        Collaborate
·        Recent Member Connect activity
A] don’t remember whos tree you looked through you can review here and find it again.
        * Message Board
            A] My most favorite Tool.  Where you can post who, where, dates for your ancestor.  You may get a response eventually or even the same day.

              B] Your families name not there no worry you can start your own family thread.
            * World Archive Project
                 A] Where you can Volunteer by using some time to Help Others find records too!  Find out how you can help!
             * Member Directory
                   A] search through to hopefully find someone else researching your brick walls.  They might of broke through for you.
              * Public Profile
                   A] This is where its about you.  Where you can enter in about you and your research.

·        Learning Center
·        Whats New
·        First Steps
·        Next Steps
·        Family History 101
·        Webinars
·        Help – FAQ
·        Family History WIKI

·        Etc…
·        * DNA
·        * Publish
·        * Hire an Expert
·        * # days left before 1940 Census released

My personal take on Ancestry.  In just the first month I joined I advanced my research by leaps & bounds.
 What could of taken me 20 years to assemble & find the old fashioned way. Voile Ancestry brought it to me so quickly.  I keep saying Ancestry. Com has been worth every penny I have paid in my subscription.  Try the trial.  See what you can find.  Then continue.  If you want to know more about your family then by all means keep going back.

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