10 March 2012

Brick Wall 1 at a Time: Lydia Chaddock

Lydia Chaddock  b. 1737 in ?  unknown parents??

married Asa Caryl in Hopkington, Middlesex, MA
Lidea [int. Lydia] and Asa Carril [int. Carrell], Oct. 20, 1757. [Lydia and Asa Carril. CR1] "

[We know names were spelled by other then the family]

To me for some reason Lydia birth was not recorded.  Could it be the mid-wife did not get to get it recorded?  Many questions remain.

I do see that of the Thomas Chaddock & Margaret Bowman family that thier sons birth are recorded: 
Mendon, Worcester, MA
Joseph, s. Thomas and Margaret, July 10, 1732.
Thomas, s. Thomas and Margeret, Mar. 12, 1736-7.
Zeruiah, d. Thomas and Margaret, Nov. 2, 1729.
Now Lydia is suppose to of been born 1737  if these are her parents then why is she not listed in her place of birth  with them?


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