13 March 2012

Uncommon Names in My Genealogy

Names of the Very Uncommon Nature, The names you run across in Genealogy & their Origins.
 Part 1

Then one could ask "The name come from where?"

Zeruiah, Bible women, King Nahash, Zeruiah Chaddock, Genealogy, names, naming traditions

   Zeruiah  A female name it’s origins are from the Bible,  There are a few in the Bible, David the King’s older sister, as well as a Ammon - King Nahash had a daughter named Zeruiah.
 Jesse from the tribe of Judah had a stepdaughter with the name.
Oh course I have a  Zeruiah Chaddock b. 1729

Barbe, Quebec girls, girls born in Quebec, Ancestors

I have 5 Women in my genealogy with the first name of Barbe.  Of course if you a daughter who likes dolls you will know of Barbie. Spelled with an "I", still same name.  Although it appears to have a strong French influence I wonder how many other Barbes there are?  According to Wikipedia the name is as a last name.  Not a Given Name.  If you can enlighten me please do to the Barbe name origin. 
I have Barbe Girardeau b. 1599/1600 in France.  Her descendants carry her name on.

Is it another given name that was first a Family Name?   In my genealogy I have Ozanne Jeanne Achon she was b. 1630 in France. She appears on the passanger list for 1657.  Her father is said to be Jean Achon.  She was one of the Kings daughters.  But she could of also been one of the Native American girls from the area that was being schooled by Nuns, baptized given a new “Christian Name” so they could marry the French men.

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