17 March 2012

Irish Ancestors

It's Saint Patricks Day.  The day my dad would get up and take out of the hall closet these little green hats.  The hats had elastic to hold em on our heads.  We were usually the only children at our eastern mid-Michigan Catholic school wearing much green that day.  So the Irish in our area of Michigan were pretty much long weeded out or just did not live in the area.  Since there are places/areas in Michigan that have plenty of Irish.

Wearing our little Irish Lepruchan hats made the day so much fun for me. We would have cornbeef boiled dinner.  Love the cornbeef with cabbage potatoes & carrots.  Yum Yum.  Won't be  having it this year since it's Lasagna bake off tonight.

As you celebrate your Irish roots this day, why not think about those ancestors. 

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