19 March 2012

Monday Looking Forward to A Great Week

A new way to look at Mondays?

Yes! Just decide what family name or family historical event you would like to discovery more on. 

So working on my Sylvester line  or is it spelled Silvestre  or maybe Sylvestre?  We all know it anyones guess since anyone can write it how they want to.  Only you as the individual can write your name exactly as you like.

So that being re-confirmired again. 

I found my ancestor Prisque Silvestre spelled as you see SILVESTRE by the priest of his parish.  I just adore reading & fumbling through the Parish registers of Canada.  Makes me sharpen my mind & French.  So as I notice again names are not capitalized.  Nope you really have to study the writing out. Its a mind bender.  Might suggest look at it a bit then come back it just might make more sense in 5-10 minutes.

What do you make of the name Prisque?  New name on my list  What Fun I just love new names.

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