29 March 2012

Strategies to break down the Brick Wall

What to do when you have gone everywhere possible that you can think of?

1. Ask a librarian that your familiar with where they would look for more clues if they were you.

2. If you have not yet searched data bases on-line do so, which includes a Google  search, name of person & birth date ie... Daid Putman b. 1783

3. Have you gone to the local town/city library where your brick wall was born, married or died ?

4. Looking through land records might also be in your favor.

5. What about Probate records  there could be a will etc...

6. Newpapers.

7. Ask your family members again if they remember any stories about the family history.

8. Reread your Research, documents etc...

9. Have you looked for your same generation/ or older-younger cousins who might also be searching your same family line.

10,  Ask a contemporary to ask questions of you it might help you to find something you have not asked yourself yet.

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