15 March 2012

To Sleep in the Sleeping places of slaves in The U.S.A.

Information from NEHGS todays Newletter:

"Slaves in the Attic: A Panel Discussion at the Greenwich Historical Society

Since 2010, Joseph McGill, Jr., has been visiting and sleeping in former slave quarters across the United States in an effort to raise awareness and advocate for preservation of these sites. A field officer with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a descendant of slaves, McGill founded the Slave Dwelling Project to highlight the need to preserve extant slave dwellings and to educate people about these dwellings’ important role in slaves’ lives. On Friday, March 30, he will sleep in the slave quarters of Bush-Holley House in Greenwich, Connecticut — one of the few historic homes in New England to address a connection with slavery. This is the Project’s first time in Connecticut, where slavery was legal until 1848.
The evening of his stay, McGill will join local historians and descendants of Connecticut enslavers for a panel discussion at Greenwich Historical Society, from 7-8:30 p.m. Registration and venue details are available at Greenwich Historical Society's website, or by calling 203-869-6899, Ext. 10.
A listing of 2012 visits, and a fascinating account of Mr. McGill’s first slave quarter visit of 2012, may viewed at the Lowcountry Africana blog."

Applaud Mr. McGill for keeping history alive.

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