09 March 2012

Never Give Up in Your Research

By never giving up you are endeavoring to bring about the real truth of your Family history.  Was Reba McIntire lucky or what.  All the great Genealogist & Historians helping her out.  If we all could have such help.  Probably 80% of us of European heritage would know exactly who we are even without DNA testing.

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For example in my family lines.  I have French Ancestors that left France went over to the New World.  Every generation is documented along the way.  I have read several books containing this valuable information.    Once I was able to piece the back way generation with the forward generation Voila I had them. [ By the way it took a cousin John Baudet of NJ to direct me.  Thank goodness for cousins, does not matter how many times removed, yea Cousins.]  The way John found me, of course this is well before GenForum & Message boards, was by a LDS service where I sent in a small form that contained a Female ancestor name.  Along with my contact information.

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I had not given up it was just a few years of waiting.  I have also had much luck with the message boards.  Have you!  You won't unless you add your information your seeking to a board.  These services are free. You can even have a email sent when there is a new post to that particular board.  by all means read through the instructions to see if you need to create a new board for the particular family name.

I started a board for a client.  It is a difficult challenge to find information when your not able to go in person.
The board is less then a year old.  It has connected some other cousins with each other.  But the search is still on for verifiable information.  As well as someone knowledgeable to help in the search.  I just know when the right person reads the post they will get back to me quickly.  The answer will be there.

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I know theses days with the computer we can easily fill in a family tree in a day.  But we all know of the Brick Walls.  One thing I tell myself is that there is someone out there with that piece of info.  When will they contact me & pass it off to me?

Going forward in genealogy allows you to time travel.

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