18 May 2012

Find A Grave NEWS w/ Ancestry.com

Are you by any chance finding new or more hints with Ancestry.com?  Well if you have seen hints by the lots.  You must be one of the lucky ones.

Find A Grave & Ancestry.com have a direct link.  
 Wow  now hints are coming tru Ancestry.com from Find A Grave!!!   
Yea!, so if you use Find A Grave in your research you don't have to open that extra window.  Instead it comes alive tru hints.  Open the hint and your there at Find A Grave.  Seeing the memorial of your Ancestor.  Is there cool or what.

So all the volunteers and contributors work will be seen in a new light.

Smart thinking with Ancestry.com & Find A Grave.   Makes my research a bit more fun!!!  For you too?

Great merger if you ask me.

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