22 May 2012

Glover Line

My Glover Line was pretty consistent up until when Lucy Glover married  Samuel Babbitt.

  Or so I thought.

But today as I go through Lucy info I realize I have discrepancies to fix.  OUCCCHHHHHH

So many wrong people.  Now I see following others work that I did not verify is costing me wasted time.

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I kept looking for Lucy as a daughter of Henry Glover in Newtown CT.  Nope I was not finding a direct path to my Lucy.


Then I went to NEHGS  American Ancestors.com search.  So I entered Lucy Glover name their before my eyes a way down the page was Lucy Glover in CT.  So I clicked to view the doc.  Voila! it has her parents as Daniel Glover & Sarah Bryan.  Boy do I have a bit of work to straighten em out.

So Lucy was born to Daniel & Sarah Glover 23 Mar 1769. 
Lucy has 6 siblings. Now I have more work cut out 
to find all I can on these new know ancestors.

I also found their marriage: 
Daniel Glover & Sarah Brian, May 16, 1765 
Sarah Brian & Daniel Glover --- May 16, 1765 
I failed to mention that last week I had a dream where the name Daniel was very prominent.  I am glad it was a dream and not one of those other encounters I have had.  Dreams are a much nicer way to get the message from the other side.

Bryan, Glover, Stratfield, Quilting, Family Lore, Family Quilt

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