10 May 2012

Genetics and Generations

In my family history on my paternal maternal line I have a very big mystery. 
 A mystery as to why generation after generation women die from indirectly or directly from Cervical Cancer.
  I am certain of 3 generations who had that fate.  4 generations if the last had the same fate.  
 How much further back does this genetic death sentence make a stand? 
 My fathers sister  is in her early 70’s has no sign of Cervical or other cancers.  How did the cervical cancer chain stop?
I search on line for studies of such large proportions of family demise in cervical cancer.  I have yet to find anything published.  No answers there.
 My grandmother had cervical cancer.  She had surgery which removed her cervix and of course she could no longer bear children.  20 years later the cancer manifested itself in a different way and took her life.  Grandma did have my father and my aunt, 2 children.
Her mother also had only 2 children her and her half brother. 
 So like her daughter she too had cervical cancer and only 2 children.  
No surgery to remove the cancer so instead she died young.

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There is still the next further back generation where again womb cancer is the cause of my 2nd great grandmother death.  
She too had 2 children & early death.  How ever her parentage is unknown.  She was adopted into a family.  In her adopted family the women had long life. 
 Not one suffering from female cancers.  ** special note, not only did her daughter die of cervical cancer but her son also died and early death.  His death certificate says La Grippe.   I believe La Grippe was a general death diagnosis, very broad and very general.   My question is did he also have a fast growing cancer?  Could he of had prostrate cancer?  My grandma this is why I look for studies.  Can a mother pass on such things to her son as well?
Finding out about my 2nd great grandmother is a total unknown.   The only thing left after the paper trail is a story that Mrs.  Trueblood brought her to Garden Michigan as a graddaughter.  As I dig around the Trueblood family I do not see where she was a grandchild of hers. 
To me my Hypotheses is that  Mrs. Trueblood was attending/ or had attended  a birth, perhaps as a midwife, of my 2nd great grandmothers mother.  She must have trusted Mrs. Trueblood and had no other  family/friends to turn to.  Was this unknown 3rd great grandmother of mine also afflicted with Cervical/womb cancer?  Dying and thinking of her daughter.

To my 3rd Great grandmother,  you made sure
women, cervical cancer, generations, cancer of the womb, uterus cancer, how many women in a family
your daughter went to a good home.  You were able to die in some comfort with that knowledge.
How complex our Ancestors lives were.  The complexity comes to light ever time we take the time to bring our understanding of what their life must have been like.  With our modern medicine we can probably say why didn’t they solve their medical issues easily?  However we cannot generalize our ancestors lives.
Every generations is so different from the one before it or after it. Which makes every life so intricite.   How I long to answer my questions about my 3rd great grandmother. 
 To reach further into her past and find out just who she was as well as whom her co-creator of her daughter is?
If you come across cancer studies in this area of expertise please refer me to them.

women, cervical cancer, generations, cancer of the womb, uterus cancer, how many women in a family

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