27 May 2012

Finding my Sherwood Family in Old Fairfield CT

Yesterday I posted about Sarah Sherwood.  It's been interesting trying to come to a conclusion for her ancestors.  As I enter in names and dates I am not 100% is accurate so I hesitate.  After deleting all the I worked on Lucy Glover I am hesitant.

So trying to finish out Sarah Sherwood I have gone looking for books. Since there are not a whole lot of documents for the family.  On Google Books I have found several books that have genealogies for the Sherwood Family.

I just might figure out what no one else has been able to satisfy in the Sherwood genealogy.

When I posted yesterday in the title I wrote Sarah Sherwood not of Sherwood forest.  Guess what as I am going through the book list I see this:

    1899 - 1348 pages - Free Google eBook - Read
The Sherwood family is an old and numerous one in Connecticut. The first American ancestor, Thomas Sherwood. came from Sherwood Forest, ill England, and settled in Fairfield in 1639, frOm which time to the present his descendants have ...

Do you see where it says Thomas Sherwood came from Sherwood Forest.

Ask me thats just to Funny!!!  

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