17 May 2012

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Who Am I

Who Do I Think I Am?

Do you find yourself asking that question since the Ancestry.com & NBC show started?  

The more I do my own family research the more I know about my families Origins.  I gain a greater understanding  into all that goes in to the current generations.

I will say I try to scrapbook,  So the page listed in the side bar here where I have the Names Beauder dit DuCap 1931 Putman well now that’s the year Clifford married Etta.  Then Spegel 1929 & Sylvestre that’s when Henry married Teresa.

They are my grandparents.  Some could say they started it all did they?  NO! they they didn’t it began long, long ago. But my grandparents were the exact Generation of  the right time.  Family flows one generation to the next.  Mostly in smooth patterns, Boy meets Girl, Love & marriage then children.  Next grandchildren on & on etc…

So who am I ?  I am me first, then I am a daughter, & a mother.  Then to look into where I came from?  Is it the town I grew up in?  Or is it where my ancestors laid roots?  For me, my mom was born in Essexville, then moved to Flint, then out to Davison.  But neither of  her parents were from there.  They moved way out of the city.  Even past the burbs.  My dad well like my mom  was not from the area either. 

I am so glad the great shows “Who Do You Think You Are”, “Finding Your Roots” “Faces Of America” & the mini series “Roots”  have excitied so many more people to find out more about themselves and their ancestors.

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