28 May 2012

Genealogy on TV now on You Tube

So now that the seasons of “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Finding Your Roots” is over.  Cry Rant Cry some more especially since WDYTYA is cancelled by NBC.  Where do you look for more of that great genealogy expertise? 

Check out You Tube:  search for “Faces OF America” and “Black In America”  both of these excellent programs are genealogy based.  From the same great man that brought  us “Finding Your Roots “    Henry Lois Gates Jr. these are also his brain children.

We can all benefit from these genealogy programs.  After watching the first Finding your roots I was awe inspired since I felt like I had been to a genealogy Conference.  So excellently done.  All tru the season I found more information I could use in my research.  I hope you found that too.

My daughter found more of Henry Louis Gates Jr. programs on you tube.  Of couse I have watched them too.  Amazing amazing ways to further the genealogy work of many.

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